Lab Experiments

Small and helpful projects powered by Gadget Flow

Gadget Flow AR (Augmented Reality) Project

Download our iOS App and experience some of the products we showcase in Augmented Reality through your iPhone or iPad (iOS 11 Required).

Gadget Flow VR / 3D Project

You can now experience some of the products in showcase in Virtual Reality or play with the renderings straight from your browser.

Crowdstats (Coming Soon)

The first crowdfunding market indicator that shows you the best time to launch your project based on historical data.

VR App (Alpha)

We are working on our first VR app and we are expecting to release a beta for our iOS app late summer 2018.

Crowdfunding Deals

Discover great deals for crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Save up to 30% or get free shipping!

Gadget Flow Academy (Coming Soon)

A portal from the Gadget Flow marketing team with resources, podcasts, blog posts, tutorials, and interviews with successful entrepreneurs and crowdfunding experts.

Gadget Flow Shop

We've started to sell some of the products that we showcase directly to our community. Our goal is to make our marketplace more streamlined and efficient.